Research & Development

R & D

  Medical industry is outstanding as one of the most important and high value adding core industry of the future toward the high income, healthy living and aging society.

  However, there is very excessive competition between domestic and foreign medical companies. Therefore the development of new-drug is the key for medical companies to survival.

  In recognition of the significance of new-drug development, MEDICA KOREA has been putting all efforts into R&D. These efforts allowed us to establish the annexed Central Research Institution and strengthen research capacity. Some research results have led to great business accomplishments.

  Our immediate focus is on improved new-drug and natural new-drug which takes short time to develop and have high commercial potency to contribute business progress. Ultimately, the objective of our long-term R&D is to develop world competitive new-drug, diagnotics of advanced genetic engineering and remedies for incurable diseases.

  In order to accomplish our objectives, we have strengthened our research capabilities and have tried to cooperate with domestic and international medical companies and establish a joint-company.

  We've made our best endeavor into R&D and investment for the day which we compete with world renowned medical companies in best medicines.

As a generic manufacturer, MEDICA KOREA invests heavily in the research and development of new formulations or first generics for Korean market. Company’s main R&D focuses are :
  • New formulation development
  • Niche market products
  • Introducing first generics
The company also focuses on research developing new, improved, and better pharmaceuticals through:
  • Combining two or more existed substances in order to achieve better efficacy, more convenience and fewer side effects
  • Expanding indications
  • Changing formulations to enhance marketability and convenience

Retention status of Industrial property right

Patent registration contents

Application number Name of invention Remark
1 No. 2003-0029354
Contains high-capacity of Simethicone
Composition of a tablet & It's own Manufacturing method
Patent application through R&D of new type of Digestive medicine

We are committed to a healthy life for our customers.


MEDICAKOREA, 7F, 2558, Nambusunhwan-ro,
Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea

  • CEO:  Kim Hyun Sik
  • TEL:  +82-2-585-7799
  • FAX:  +82-2-585-9690