• 2017
    2017.05Have ground-breaking ceremony to build MK's Bio Production Plant
    2017.04Apply for an approval of new construction of a Botox GMP Plant
  • 2016

    Certified as a PIC/S GMP

    2016.12Certified as a PIC/S GMP (for Tablets & Capsules)
    2016.11Head office relocated to Diplomatic Center Building, Seochodong.
    2016.08Park Kwang Cheol and Jung Chan Hee take office as representative.
    2016.07released Amonel Nail Lacquer
    2016.06released THIOCSID-HR Tab.
    2016.05released levodropropizine, TIROPID Tab.
    2016.04released ELCOSTEINE Cap., PENASET SEMI Tab.
    2016.04released New Products type of Naience 'EGF Serum', 'Derma Repair S Cream'
    2016.03released EPIUM Tab. 20/40mg
    2016.01released MUCAMIN Tab.
  • 2010

    Completed a plant remodeling

    2015.11Released Tetracyclines antibiotics 'VIDOXY Tab.'
    2015.09Released 'Naience Tremella Moisturizing Cream'
    2015.09Released Erectile dysfunction treatment 'YESGRA ODF 20mg'
    2015.03Released complex with anti-ulcer 'ALBITIN Tab.'
    2015.02Released 5 types renewal of Naience on February
    2014.12Completed a plant remodeling
    2014.11Released antioxidant supplements "Himton plus soft capsule" on November.
    2014.10Obtained License for wholesale of medicines.
    2014.08Obtained License for sales.
    2013.05Obtained License for manufacture & sales of cosmetics Launched Naience®
    2012.08Health functional food – a chewing vitamin, ‘Vita Mint’ released
    2012.06Obtained License for sales of dietary supplements.
    2012.02Head office relocated to Medica Building, Seochodong
    2011.01Deokhan Lee appointed as CEO
    2010.05Isotretinoin 20mg agents(Nimegen soft capsule 20mg) developed and carried for the first time in Korea
  • 2000

    Developed & released MUCOSTEIN® Inj.

    2008.12Autonomic Compliance Program promoted and introduced
    2008.03Local anesthetic licensed products introduced from FERNDALE Lab., U.S.
    2007.11‘The Tower of 1 Million Dollars’ awarded in the 44th Anniversary of the ‘Day of Trading’
    2005.09Head office relocated to the new building in Guro
    2005.01Exclusive sales of U.S. Chantal Ethocyn
    2003.12Vietnam Office of Medicakorea Co., Ltd. registered
    2003.04Cosmetic exclusive sales agreement with Japan MMT Co., Ltd.
    2003.03Agreement with Leadgene Co., Ltd. on new medicine development
    2002.04CI change for a new corporate culture establishment
    2001.10Strategic partnership with BIO SUM Co., Ltd.
    2000.03Developed & released MUCOSTEIN® Inj. For the first time domestically.
    2000.01Company name changed to Medica Korea Co., Ltd.
  • 1990

    Chosen as a promising advanced tech, enterprise by SMBA

    1999.11Food(manufacturing/processing) business license acquired
    1999.05Chosen as a promising advanced tech, enterprise by SMBA(Sma. & Med. Biz Adm.)
    1999.03Selected as a promising small/medium business(Korea Institute of Science and Technology)
    1999.02Acquired a licensee of SALBUTRON® SR (Salbutamol) for the first time domestically
    1998.08Research on mass production and commercialization of useful PKC activator(Decursin)(G-7 project)
    1997.01Established Central Research Institute(Registration No.:971014)
    1996.05Acquired by the present owner
    1993.123rd generation white gold anticancer drug development initiated(A health and medical technology R&D project)
    1991.04Certified as a KGMP
  • 1980
    1988.11KGMP plant completed
    1986.06Developed & released NEWBORN® Tablets (Kallidinogenase) for the first time domestically
  • 1970
    1976.05Founded Dong-Il Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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MEDICAKOREA, 7F, 2558, Nambusunhwan-ro,
Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea

  • CEO:  Kim Hyun Sik
  • TEL:  +82-2-585-7799
  • FAX:  +82-2-585-9690