CI introduce

CI development background

"Medica Korea, a company that respects and loves people, is born again.”

Medica Korea is a specialized dermatologist.
For the healthy and beautiful life of human beings
I have renewed my CI to make another leap.

Brand identity

MEDICA KOREA Abbreviation MK Symbol in the cross symbolizes healing and health.

Water droplets mean nature's growth, moisture essential to humans
It is the growth engine of Medica Korea.

The corporate color, green, symbolizes the corporate philosophy of 'Human respect', which is a unified human, nature, and environment.

Comfort, cleanliness, and refreshment, resembling green forests, symbolize the social role of pharmaceutical companies.

Color System

The color system plays an important role in conveying images of Medica Korea, such as symbols and logotype.

For the application to various visual media, please pay attention to the color samples listed in the manual or the Pantone Color described below, and do not change the colors.

We are committed to a healthy life for our customers.


MEDICAKOREA, 7F, 2558, Nambusunhwan-ro,
Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea

  • CEO:  Kim Hyun Sik
  • TEL:  +82-2-585-7799
  • FAX:  +82-2-585-9690